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Communities Assembly, USA



Communities Assembly – Holy Family Seminary, October 11-13, 2011

With some representatives of the laity of each community, Santa Cruz, Chimayo and Silver Spring

we presented the Association of the Holy Family to them and did encourage it’s beginning.

Holy Family Seminary

Priests and laity at the Chapel for the Mass

Group with the president of the Holy Family Guild of the Seminary and his wife M/M Joe and Chris Campos

Another view of the group

Fr. Blanch entertaining the evening dinner with the Guild

Fr. John Plans with Fr. Blanch, Julio, Ron Carrillo and Janette offering some candies

At the cemetery “Gate of Heaven” visiting our deceased brother religious. Singing “Jesús, José y María”.

Fr. Jim, Fr. Plans, Fr. Javier, Mr. Emilio Martínez, Fr. Picazo, Fr. Blanch, Mrs. Shirley Herrera, Mrs. Joanne Sandoval, Mrs. Terry López, Mrs. Janet Ortiz,

Fr. Julio, Fr. Leandro and Fr. Ron Carrillo

The last one buried, Fr. John Sierra